Internet semi-famous

Apr 19 2008

Yesterday saw a couple of spikes in site traffic. Jon Hicks mentioned my grid calculator during his presentation at FOWD, which instantly quadrupled the traffic to that page:

Google Analytics graph showing spike in traffic

And, almost simultaneously, Smashing Magazine included my comment form in their Web Form Design: Modern Solutions and Creative Ideas post, which pushed the daily visits over 1,000 for the first time:

Google Analytics graph showing spike in traffic

Which was nice.

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Jonathan Snook
2438 days ago

Soon, you’ll be a superstar, and I can say, “I used to know him when…”

Congrats, dude!

2437 days ago

I was made up to make Smashing a while back… though it hasn’t really done much for me… except give the old ego a handshake.

It does provide a fairly solid stream of visits though. I was also suprised how many people just copy and pasted the whole article to try and pass it off as their own.

Getting a mention from Mr. Hicks, however, is something all together different!

Jason Beaird
2436 days ago

Someday at a conference you’ll mention somebody’s post and their traffic will shoot up…and then they’ll be internet semi-famous just like you used to be – before you were internet famous.